Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whats on the Painting Bench?

After reading quite a few positive reviews, I've recently picked up a copy of the TooFatLardies 'Sharpe Practice' Napoleonic skirmish rules. I've read the rules through a couple of times, and decided that they look like just what i've been looking for. They seem to strike the balance between an entertaining set of 'fun' skirmish rules and a great looking reconstruction of Napoleonic warfare.

As it's in my nature to be contrary, i've decided not go with the general consensus and build up a British/French force for the Peninsula, but instead to go for a less popular period - the 1809 campaign in Italy and the Danube valley. The fact that i was reading John Gill's 'Thunder on the Danube' when i picked up the rules was a major contributing factor, added to the fact that i've always had an interest in the Austrian Empire.

I've decided that i'm going to have my groups represent companies, with the French at 10 figures per company, and the Austrians at 12. That decided, i ordered a bunch of Front Rank figures and started painting.

As of now, i've almost finished my first French and Austrian infantry units - a fusilier company of the 3e Ligne Regiment for the French, and an infantry company from the 4th Infantry Regiment ' Deutschmeister' for the Austrians. I've also painted up a 'big man' a piece. I'm hoping to have the basing on these finished off this weekend, and i'll post some pictures when I get a chance. In the meantime here are a few 'in progress' pics of the Austrians.

Next will be some pictures of the completed French command element - the 'tete de colonne' - of the 3e Legere, along with a mounted colonel.


  1. Nothing wrong with being contrary. My game buddy and I took "Sharpe Practice" straight to the F&I and AWI. I'm just now starting 25mm Napoleonics.

    By the way very good looking figures, great faces.

  2. Hi,

    Great looking models. Very nice work on the faces by the way!

    I hope you keep this blog updated (Should take my own advice :P)

    What is your take on Sharpe Practice? Is it worth the money?

    I have been looking at it for some time now. I bought General De Brigade for 25-28mm Napoleonic Battles at Brigade level (3 battalions?).

    Happy Gaming,


  3. Thanks for the comments guys. As for sharpe practice, i came upon it in basically the same way. I'd had been using GdB for some time, and while reading Thunder on the Danube, came across lots of little actions that I thought it would be great to game, but that were outside the scope of GdB - i.e. they were just a little too small. I find GdB to be great fun, but it can also be used to represent large scale skirmishes, and emphasises the commander's role as a leader of men, rather than getting bogged down in charts and tables. Lots of people game with a 1:1 scale, but i've been using 1:10ish scale, so each group is supposed to represent a company.
    Thanks again, and another update is forthcoming - today or Tomorrow most likely.