Sunday, December 5, 2010

Comission - Late Roman Infantry

Well, it's been some time since i've posted anything on here, but i've actually been really busy painting a whole hodgepodge of stuff. I've completed, not an any particular order:

- 2 bases of 28mm French Foreign Legion (Askari miniatures i started over a year ago!)
- Some 20mm Second World War Hungarian infantry and armour for IABSM
- A 1/72 Airfix Battle of Britain Spitfire, 70th anniversary and all that.
- A 15mm Flames of War SdKfz 251/1D - for Ebay
- First 20 figures of an ongoing Late Roman commission.

I've also got my marks back for uni, and i must say I'm very pleased. All up, out of 8 subjects taken this year I've managed to score 5 high distinctions (85%+) and 3 distinctions (75-85%). Laura has taken to calling me ├╝bernerd. :)
I believe the term is well-chuffed. :) Bring on second year - although i'm more than a little apprehensive about going on my first prac in a Central Coast high school. Heres hoping i don't get one of the rough ones. :/

Pics of all the painted stuff will be coming up soon, but for this update iv'e got some images of the first batch of commission Romans. The client is building up Julian's army for the battle of Strasbourg in 357 CE. I'm not 100% sure what basing system he is using, but to my untrained eye it looks like FOG. I've gone for a more muted basing style than my Impetus Romans, trying to give the impression of a location near the rainy Rhine river.

These are all 28mm Black Tree Design figures, the heavy infantry is the Primani Legion, the archers are the Sagitarii Iuniores Gallicani. I've taken the shield patterns from the Notita Dignitatum and they are hand painted. I've also strung the bows with very fine gauge wire and added arrows made from iron needles. Overall i was really happy with them, and so was the client. Next up in the commission is another 12 man Legion, the Fortenses, and an eight figure light infantry unit, the Exculatores Britanniciani. I'm aiming to have these done by the end of the month.


  1. Lovely paint job and great detailing, especially the clothing.


  2. Great stuff again - and the customer has to be pleased. :-)


  3. I love your painting style, these figures are excellent for it. Keep up the good work!

  4. awesome clothing!!!
    how did you paint them? It's a transfer???