Sunday, September 18, 2011

First off, my apologies for the lack of posts this last month. University has been very hectic, as has life outside of modelling, with Laura and I being accepted into a 6 month exchange to the University of Leeds in the UK for the first half of next year. So i'll be on the lookout for any recommendations for gaming clubs, or for that matter recommendations for accommodation, any of you might have.

Just a quick post this time, I'm finally finishing up on the latest batch of Late Roman commission and have some other bits and bobs to post, including some actual game shots of my Brits.

So, to the point of this update! After six years, i've finally decided to get off my arse and make an honest woman out of Laura. (Don't worry, she doesn't read this!) So, in order to help fund the ring, i've just posted a load of 28mm auctions for painted and unpainted figures on eBay. There are, among other things, Front Rank Napoleonic, Artizan thrilling tales, WW2and colonial bits and bobs and some Perry sculpted Foundry French hussars.

I do post internationally, please ignore the exorbitant standard shipping quotes, i can't figure out why eBay is quoting so much. If you're interested in buying anything send me a message on eBay and I'll get an accurate, more affordable, quote for you from the local post office.

Ebay Auctions

I hope this link works, if not my eBay handle is the same as on here - ansbachdragoner.
I've included some pics of some of the painted units for you to have a look.

I've also included a pic of my Frankish impetus base. These guys had a bit of a disaster, not only do their shield decals appear to have shrunk despite my best efforts, but i managed to drop them on the wooden floor, breaking off all the weapons and most of the shields in the process. I managed to locate everything apart from one francisca. Still, even in their battered state i think the shield wall looks pretty cool.

I'm really liking the scenic background rather than the plain graded paper. Thoughts?



  1. Some very nice figures you've got for sale, you should get some decent money for them.

  2. In case you haven't been told yet, Leeds has a wargames club:

    They have a decent reputation so you should be fine.