Sunday, May 26, 2013

21st Panzer division troops

Panzergrenadier Zug mounted up
Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks, but uni has yet again managed to get in the way of more important things! This will be a rather succinct update, just some photos of the latest additions to my 20mm World War II forces for Chain of Command. 

This project has been in the works for a very long time, but now i've finally completed a platoon's worth of German heer panzer grenadiers to go up against my British infantry force. These guys did feature in the last play test report, and the more keen-eyed of you may have noticed in that report a few figures in black undercoat. 

Most Chain of Command games use a full strength platoon with some support. I've chosen to do a panzer grenadier platoon, which comprises a headquarters group of a leutnant, a feldwebel, and a panzerschreck team. Under command are three panzer grenadier gruppen, each commanded by a gefreiter and comprising two machinegun teams, each of one MG34 or MG42 gunner and three riflemen. I have also painted up some extra riflemen so I can field a regular grenadier platoon, which omits the second MG team comprising instead the gefreiter, one MG team and one four man rifle team. 
The figures are a mix of Plastic Soldier Company, AB figures, and Kelly's Heroes. I think they all work well together. 

Their rides are the delightfully ungainly looking SdKfz U-304(f) halftracks, refurbed French halftracks from the mind of Major Alfred Becker. I've included three fully armoured versions and one which must have slipped through. The vehicles are all from Raventhorpe. 

I do love all of the weird and wonderful tanks and armoured vehicles which were the brainchildren of Major Becker of the 21st Panzer Division, and have several other types waiting to be painted up, but these will do for now. 
Panzergrenadier Zug ready for action.

1. Gruppe

2. Gruppe, (the unlucky ones with the soft-skinned halftrack)

3. Gruppe

Command Gruppe, with a 3.7cm gun on their halftrack

I've created sabot bases to show the troops mounted up and allow them to be removed when the figures are deployed.

To provide some support options, I've painted up a tank and an assault gun. Tanks in CoC are useful if used in concert with infantry, but, as in reality, quite vulnerable when operating alone. I've also finished painting up some of the excellent SdKfz 250/1 and 250/9 'neu' halftracks from Shaun at S&S models, and will post some pictures when they're based. In CoC, it's usually more beneficial to have some recce vehicles, an observer team for a mortar battery, or a tripod mounted MG, than a lumbering tank. It's really enjoyable to be able to use some vehicles which in most games last about 2 seconds before they are reduced to flaming wrecks, but which are able to provide an edge to your forces, just as they did in reality.
The Panther is from Raventhorpe's 'Ready to Roll' range, and the StuG IIIG is from Plastic Soldier Company, with a crewman from Kelly's Heroes. 

Well, that's it for now. In the next day or so i'll be posting up another Chain of Command AAR i just finished playing today.

Chat soon
My 21.Panzerdivision force thus far, with a PSC Panzer IVH and a Kelly's Heroes tripod mounted MG42.


  1. Superb painting on your figures and vehicles. Also good to see how you have organised your platoon.
    Has the Chain of Command rules been released yet or are you just in the know?

    1. Thanks Pat. Loved your article in the special by the way!
      Chain of command are still in playtest, but from what i've heard they're expected to be released sometime this summer.


  2. Great Job and a nice mix of figures.

    1. Thanks Jack, I find that adding a the odd AB and KH figures adds a bit more character to my force which is primarily PSC plastics.