Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gunner's Painting Service

A lead mountain heaving with incomplete and half finished projects is an affliction suffered by many of us gamers. Personally, I find the process of painting a very enjoyable one, and it's a great way of winding down after work.
However, for all the enjoyment factor, my painting speed could best be described as glacial. This means that sometimes to get a force ready for a game can take months, even years. What to do?

Enter fellow Antipodean Dan, of Gunner's Blog. Dan has recently begun taking painting commissions. If you've checked out his blog, you'll see the very high quality of the work he produces. His 15mm Napoleonic
Gunner Dan's Bavarian Guard conversions. Brilliant!
Bavarian and Wurttemberg conversions are little works of art.

I've recently sent over my Chain of Command 1940 Germans to be given the Gunner treatment. Dan's prices are very reasonable, especially considering the excellent quality:

Dan's also running a competition to celebrate the launch of his painting service. If you're interested, you can check that out here

So head over, check out his blog, and if you too are suffering from an excess of unpainted lead, look no further for your painting commission needs.

Expect a blog update in the next week, as i've recently finished basing a bunch of 15mm Napoleonic French which i'll be using for Napoleon at War and play testing the up-and-coming Napoleonic Divisional rules in development by Toofatlardies.

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