Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's been a while

Well, it's been quite a while since i've posted anything in the way of an update. Unit this semester was a lot more full on than i had anticipated, and right after end of semester i started on my first 4 week in school practicum. Well, i've survived my first teaching experience, and actually have really enjoyed it. I guess in some ways this was a make or break point, as my memories of how we treated our high school teachers had made me more than a little wary. The kids at the school were great, and it was a lot of fun and very rewarding teaching history to the young 'uns.

But you haven't all come to this blog to hear me blather about university pracs now, have you.

Well, i've been very, very slowly working away on some commission work, but over the last few months have also managed to paint up more 20mm WWII Brits and Germans for the local gaming club. We had our inaugural meeting last week, and have decided to build up a platoon with a little support each, and gradually expand on this. I'm pretty happy with this decision, as this was what i was planning on all along.

So, for this post i've got a bit of British for you all. I've decided to paint my Brits up as coming from the 15th (Scottish) division, which fought in Epsom and Bluecoat during the Normandy campaign. The shoulder tartan and markings are from the 6th King's Own Scots Borderers. My Mother's family are from Selkirk in the borders, so this led me towards this particular regiment.

Figures are a mix of the excellent plastic soldier company offerings, with a leavening of the sublime Kelly's Heroes figures from Andy Grubb. This is the first of three sections. This group consists of 10 men comprising the section leader, three man Bren MG team and six riflemen. I've also done up the platoon sergeant, platoon lieutenant and a 2 inch mortar team.
As well as this, i've started on a bit of support in the form of a 6 pounder AT gun and Loyd carrier tow. The gun is from Britannia, the crew are Kelly's Heroes and the Loyd is from Raventhorpe's 'Ready to Roll' range. I know the driver is in the wrong position but as I'm not too fussed. Our group is vehemently anti rivet-counter, so i don't envision anyone picking me up on it. :)

Anyway, i've got my last day of prac tomorrow, so hopefully will have some pics of my commission work, some more Late Roman goodness, coming up in the not too distant future.