Saturday, October 17, 2015

New CoC Campaign - Operation Martlet

Hi All,

Just a quick update this time. Rich has been madly researching away and has released the latest in his series of ridiculously low-priced 'Pint Sized' campaigns for Chain of Command. This one is based around the battles for Rauray in Normandy which saw the British 49th (West Riding) Division face off the fanatical remnants of the 12th SS Panzer Division 'Hitlerjugend'. During these battles the 49th were given the nickname 'Polar Bear Butchers' by their SS enemy for the  ferocity of their attacks.

The battles for Rauray, along with the subsequent Operation Epsom and Hill 112 battles, hold a particular interest for me. When I first visited Normandy I spent some time walking these battlefields, staying at the nearby Chateau de Martragny. My British troops are painted up as the 6th King's Own Scottish Borderers, part of the 15th (Scottish) Division which was engaged in Epsom.

The pdf is GBP3.60, which works out at around 8 Australian pesos with the current abysmal exchange rate. As it's pretty easy to pay $13 for a schooner of beer in the Sydney CBD, this translates as a very good 'schooner sized' deal as well. :) The full colour PDF includes an historical background, force breakdowns and support lists for both sized, along with the six scenarios and campaign structure. This is an excellent product, and if you're so inclined the result which you get from playing this campaign can be used to influence the Operation Epsom campaign which is currently in development - just as in the real battle the British failure to take Rauray meant that the western flank of the Epsom assault was open to German counterattacks and fire from the Rauray spur.
So if you're at all interested in a fun, hassle free campaign based on meticulous research, head over to the Toofatlardies site and pick it up.

Operation Martlet - Chain of Command Pint Sized Campaign

 On another note, with my French Napoleonic product complete, i've been working furiously away painting up some 20mm Australian Defence Force diggers for Afghanistan, in preparation for the upcoming Fighting Season rules, which are a modern set for asymmetrical warfare based on Chain of Command. Here's a preview of what i've been working on, some of the fantastic Elhiem figures.
MUCH more to come!
L to R: SASR Operator, Radio Op, and ADF Platoon Commander